I’m scheduled for a spinal fusion in about 3 weeks. I’m one of those people who likes to research everything – procedures, new medications, tests – and I had a hard time finding any personal accounts from people who went through a spinal fusion. I found plenty of sites that explained the procedure, but I wanted to know what to expect from somebody who had actually gone through the surgery and recovery. That’s what inspired me to start this blog. It’s mostly for myself, to document this part of my life, but also for anybody else who is going through the same thing. I won’t hold back, and I plan to share everything, from what I’m experiencing physically to how I am handling it all emotionally, no matter how personal or embarrassing.

Let me also say that I’ve never blogged before, so please excuse the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m not a writer, so don’t expect some amazing, inspirational prose. This is simply an honest account of my surgery and recovery.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dave Young says:


    You are so right, about, finding information re actual persons going through fusions, Like you I have been re searching all sites, and only found the same as you, it is refreshing to read your blog, and being through the same procedure hind sight, I can concur with what you are saying, You can not sugar coat it, Maybe at some point tabulate a pro& cons of things that will help people to go through this very invasive surgery,

    regards Davey16

    • Michelle says:

      I hope that this will help somebody one day. Even if it’s just one person. I mean, there is plenty of generic information out there, or a post here and there just summarizing 3 months in one paragraph, but I wanted to be able to present my experience as sort of a timeline. I wanted somebody who is at, say, 7 weeks post op to read my post about being at the same point and be able to relate, and also maybe look ahead a few weeks and see that it’s going to get better. Another thing I have found lacking is the emotional aspect. Everybody seems to focus on the physical pain, but forgets that we are all so multifaceted, and that our emotional state plays a huge part in our recovery as well. And, of course, this is sort of like my diary. I hope to look back in a year and not be able to remember it being so bad.

      I love the idea of a pros and cons list! Brilliant! Maybe my posse on Spine-Health can help me compile it!

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